Friday, April 01, 2005

Mets Reacquire Kazmir from Devil Rays 

WFAN just reported that the Mets, in desperate need for a 5th starter after Steve Trachsel went down with back problems, have reacquired Scott Kazmir, the former Mets phenom, from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. According to Ed Coleman of WFAN, the Mets sent Mike Cameron and cash considerations to Tampa Bay in exchange for the 21 year old fireballing lefty. Cameron reportedly never came to grips with moving over from centerfield to rightfield to make room for Carlos Beltran and recently conveyed as much to Mets GM Omar Minaya. According to Minaya, Kaz Ishii, who the Mets recently traded for, will be used as the long man out of the bullpen and Kazmir will fill the void in the back of the starting rotation. According to Coleman, "the Mets feel there is an advantage to cornering the market on players referred to as "Kaz," referring to the Mets' Kaz Matsui, Kaz Ishii and now Scott Kazmir. Ed Coleman also said April Fools.
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