Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Yates Career May Be Over 

Peter Abraham pointed out the other day that "the once-promising career of Tyler Yates may be over." Abraham reports what was initially diagnosed as tendinitis proved to be a 70% tear in his labrum that required extensive repair. I can't help but to think the Mets prior medical staff combined with poor handling led to or at least partly contributed to this. I spoke of my concerns over Yates' handling last season here, when I wrote,
The Mets are toying around with the idea of sending Tyler Yates back to the bullpen. So, a full year of effective starting work with an 8.5 K/9 IP, a dominating spring training against a mix of minor and major league hitters, and 6 major league starts with ups and downs, and Yates is staring at the possibility of ending up back in the pen? Yates' surgically repaired arm had this to say, "Quit messing with me!!!"
I was a big Yates fan and was not only troubled by his handling from a medical standpoint but from a development standpoint as well. It seems the kid was set up to fail from the beginning, which I spoke about in depth here, including,
After taking the loss against the Brewers yesterday, Tyler Yates was optioned to AAA and James Baldwin (no relation to these guys) was brought up to take his spot in the rotation. Simply put, the Mets gave up on a talented, hard throwing rookie who will be a key cog in the future of this team after only 6 starts in favor of a washed up 33 year old scrub with a career 5.02 ERA who will be a key cog in AARP soon. But hey, the scrub had a decent 33 innings in Norflok. Can someone please get me something, I think I'm going to be sick.
Here's wishing Yates all the luck in the world in getting back. And let's hope the Mets learned something from this.
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