Friday, March 04, 2005

Mets DP Dynamic Duo 

The read of the day is brought to you buy Bob Klapisch, whose Jose Reyes/Kazuo Matsui article graces the frontpage of ESPN.com. What's more, out of the seven featured articles on the front page of ESPN.com's baseball page, this Mets-focused article is one of only two you don't have to pay for. Doesn't it seem odd that the more great free baseball writing there is on the net, the more ESPN hides their content in pay-only Insider? Oh well, they must be making money or else they wouldn't be doing it. That said, I ain't payin. Anyway, check out Klap's article on our DP Dynamic Duo. By the way, my copying and pasting function seems to be a bit jacked today so I can't provide links - but I have a feeling you all know where to find the World Wide Leader in Sports on the web.

Lastly, I hear MSG or FSNY will be airing a Mets Spring Training game tomorrow at 1:00.
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