Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bloggin' Aint Easy: The New Shea Hot Corner 

Just like Carlos Beltran rejuvenated the Mets at his unveiling press conference referring to his new team as The New Mets, I'm going to be making another effort to rejuvenate this sorry ass blog. I'm sure you have all heard the term, "pimpin' ain't easy," well, neither is bloggin' sometimes. Between real life responsibilites (boo boo boo), doses of writer's bloc, and what seems like a massive flood of new (and in many cases improved) baseball writing on the net, it's sometimes difficult to maintain a blog. That said, I'll see what I can do. So if you're a SHC faithful, keep checking in.

For now, let me just get my feet wet with a little linkorama. Go check out Yankeessuck.com. Then, go say wassup to Eric from SaberMets who has started a new blog as part of the SportsBlogs family of blogs called Amzin' Avenue. Also part of the Sports Blogs family of sites is former ESPN writer John Sickel's Minor League Ball blog. There are also two new Mets websites out there: Mets Daily and Flushing Futures. If you know of any other sites that I have missed that I should add to my sidebar, drop me an e-mail. And along with the new blood out in the net, don't forget all of the the old staples still on the sidebar.
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