Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Are You Ready for Some Foot, um, I mean Baseball!!! 

The Mets open up the Grapefruit League today with a game against the newly minted Washington Nationals. The Nattys play at the Great Space Coaster Stadium . . . or is it the Space Coast Stadium? Either way, there will be live baseball today and that's what really matters. And as a cherry on top, the game will be nationally televised on ESPN at 1:00, although you will have to endure Mr. Ax Grinder, former Mets GM Steve Phillips providing color commentary. MLB.com will also be providing free coverage. Tom Glavine will make the start and most of the regulars will make the trip, although the odd couple of Mike Piazza and Pedro Martinez will stay behind in Port St. Lucie. Nattys GM Jim Bowden indicated the Mets will be facing Frank Robinson's opening day line-up, at least for the first few innings: "Frank told me how he wasn't going to start his regulars for the first few days, but, boy, they're all in there tomorrow, at least for the first couple of innings. . . And I think that's good, because it allows the fans in Washington as well as America to see some of our players. A lot of these players are not very well known. They will be in six months." Tony Armas Jr. will oppose Glavine. Let's go Mets!
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