Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Apparently there was some kind of Donald/Ivana Trump-like divorce over at Yankees, Mets and the Rest. Vinny created a new Mets-only portion of Yankees, Mets and the Rest called, appropriately enough, No Joy in Metsville, which you can find at http://mets.ymtr.com/. Also, check out a new Mets blog called Metsmerized, named after the failed 1986 rap song.

I never understood why Get Metsmerized was not a hit? How could it not with lyrics like this:
Dwight's my name, what can I say,
you know they call me Doctor K,
change up, fastball, slider and curve,
step up to the plate if ya got the nerve.
Get Metsmerized was followed up with the wildly popular Let's Go Mets . . . a song that electrified New York. The best thing that came from Get Metsmerized and Let's Go Mets was, however, not hours of listening joy for us fans but rather the launching of Darryl Strawberry's solo career with the 1987 release of Chocolate Strawberry. And with lyrics like these, how could it not be a hit?

My name is Darryl, I'm a baseball player
One thing I forgot to say-a
When I'm on the field I'm on top of the world
I get screams from all the girls (Dar-ryl!)
Everybody in the stadium, screams for me
Strike one, strike two, but no strike three
When I'm runnin, all the players make space
I run, I slide, and then I'm safe"Cause you're DEF!"
Yo, I ain't soft
I even get paid on my days off
Grandslammer, "Are you as good as they, say?"
I guess you never came to see me play
Any pitch you throw I control it
I took it while you wasn't lookin'
So give me your beef, homeboy I'm cookin'
I can get loose so don't you try
I graduated from Crenshaw High
You can even ask Eric 'Boogie' E.

All this rappin' got me thinking. What would the 2004 Mets rap song be? How about, 91 Problems, with a chorus that goes something like this?

91 Problems but a win ain't one
If you havin win problems I feel bad for you son
I got 91 problems but a win ain't one
Hit me!

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