Monday, October 18, 2004

"Cordial and smooth" 

New York Mets first round draft pick Phil Humber has yet to sign with the team and since the Tigers broke off talks with their first round pick Justin Verlander, fans are wondering if he'll ever sign. Whether or not Humber signs with the Mets is a concern for many reasons, chief among them, for me at least, is that the Mets felt comfortable trading top flight pitching prospects this season because they were banking on Humber being able to step into the system as a replacement. If Humber does not sign, then the list of reasons why the Scott Kazmir and Matt Peterson trades might not have been such a great idea grows by one. Humber offered some comfort to us fans still hung up on Black Friday, however, when he said that he wasn't fazed by Detroit's decision to break off negotiations with Verlander and that negotiations with the Mets have been cordial and smooth. Let's just hope they go from "cordial and smooth" to "quick and easy" so that Humber is signed and ready for Spring Training.

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