Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Hole 

While Mike Piazza was able to return to Shea last night from rehabbing his ailing 35 year old frame in Port St. Lucie (aka "the hole"), I'm still stuck in my own little hole: the in laws' house. My wife and I somehow managed to save enough money to buy a crappy little house in NY and a few days before we were supposed to close on it and move in a title search revealed a lien on the property and several other problems. So, while we wait for the lawyers to sort out this mess I'm stuck in a house with only a dial up connection and a TV that magically gets tuned to the damn Soap Opera Network just as Mets game are supposed to start. Then again, I guess Days of Our Lives is more compelling than Days of Our Embarrassing Mets. Not that I even want to watch this pathetic Mets team right now. Once again the Mets have become the laughing stock of baseball. In one of the largest markets in the country with gigantic financial resources, the Mets are battling the lowly league owned Expos for last place in the division. What's worse, many of the players have given up and have accepted their fate. I guess I have too. For the foreseeable future I'm living with the in laws, have no control over the TV, am dealing with a Commadore 64 computer hooked up to a dial up connection, and I root for the most pathetic team in baseball. Someone put me out of my misery.
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