Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Welcome to the Party Pal 

Scott Erickson made his Mets debut last night and was promptly treated to a typical game for a Met starter. This typical start consists of a Met starter pitching his heart out and leaving with the lead, then being forced to sit idle in the dugout while the Mets porous defense and suspect bullpen conspire against him to snatch away a win and hand over a no decision or, if the pitcher is unlucky enough, a loss. No where else does a 2.67 ERA equate to a sub .500 win/loss record. I'll try to take some solace in the words of Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson who, in an interview with WFAN a few weeks ago, seemed to have a good attitude about these types of losses. Peterson said that good teams find themselves in every game. And when you're in every game, you are bound to lose some heartbreakers. In other words, it's because the Mets are so good that I threw a sneaker, highlighter and a pair of glasses at the TV set last night. The key, according to Peterson, is to not let these losses effect you so that you can bounce back. Say what you will about our little water treading Mets, you can't say they are not a resilient bunch.

Now, let's move onto brighter thoughts. The latest from ESPN,

If they can stay in the race and none of the other NL East contenders break away from the pack, the Mets might have an opportunity. They have the second-most games left against teams with records under .500 (24) in the NL, will be finished with Florida and Philly by Sept. 12, and nine of their last 15 are against the Expos and Pirates (who presumably will be without either Kris Benson or Jose Mesa by then).
That makes me feel a little better. What makes me feel even better is knowing that both the Braves and Phillies records are a bit artificially bloated in that they have had the pleasure of playing the AAA Expos 14 times each so far while the Mets have only played them seven times.

Lastly, on last night's broadcast Ted Robinson mentioned an article from the NY Times Magazine by Pat Jordan. It's a good read, check it out here.

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