Thursday, July 15, 2004

Say Hello to Scott Erickson 

Like a bad case of herpes, Scott Erickson just will not go away. Erickson's VD-like persistence will apparently pay off this Saturday or Sunday, as perennial Met nay sayer and Shea Hot Corner Axis of Evil Grand Wizard Bob Klapish is reporting that he has taken Matt Ginter's spot in the Mets starting rotation. Is this good news for Mets fans? Yes and no. It's bad news because the fact that Scott Erickson will be pitching for the Mets this year is a statement about the Mets failure to produce a serviceable back of the rotation starter from within, especially the lack of Major League ready minor league pitching prospects. While the Mets are stocked with arms from AA down, none of these pitchers are ready for the big stage. Matt Ginter got a shot and could not pitch well consistently. Ditto Tyler Yates. Grant Roberts imploded and could not even handle being the Mets long man out of the bullpen. I still have a nervous twitch from watching James Baldwin's starts. There's not much hope in Norfolk either. Aaron Heilman sports an unimpressive 2 and 8 record with a robust 4.90 ERA. With his 0 and 6 record and 6.02 ERA, Bob Keppel has made Heilman look good. The good news about Erickson replacing Ginter is that the Mets are on a roll in catching lightning in a bottle from unlikely players. With no other immediate options available, it can't hurt to give Erickson a shot. I would rather exhaust our options from within before making any rash trade deadline deals where this is probably the best you can get (although like Erickson being called up, there's a conciliation prize). Maybe Erickson can throw some strikes and keep his sinker down to produce a bevy of ground balls for our stellar infield defense to take care of. Ugh.
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