Monday, July 19, 2004

Mets Trade Karim Garcia for Mike DeJean 

The Mets finally found a taker for Karim Garcia. The Orioles took Garcia and gave the Mets right handed set-up man Mike DeJean. DeJean comes to Flushing with a 0 and 5 record and a hefty 6.13 ERA. Mets GM Jim Duquette said,

Mike will bring experience and depth to our bullpen. . . He has had success in the National League and has the savvy of pitching well in close games.

If DeJean's record and ERA weren't scary enough, Baseball Prospectus's handy dandy Reliever Evaluation Tools Report does not give us much relief either (no pun intended). DeJean is second to worst in adjusted runs prevented, dead last in at preventing inherited runners from scoring, and is the most overrated relief pitcher in baseball by conventional run assignment. In other words, think of DeJean as Mike Stanton from the right side. 
If you're looking for a bright side, here it is.  Since the Richard Hidalgo trade, Garcia was useless to the club right now so at least the Mets got something for him.  Also, DeJean has had some success in the past.  While DeJean has had a rough year, he seems to have turned it around as of late, with a 2.35 ERA and 0.91 WHIP in July.  Finally, note that DeJean has actually pitched very well away from Camden Yards: 2.29 road ERA. 
The Mets were hoping to move Garcia today in order to clear a roster spot for pitcher Scott Erickson who is being recalled from AAA Norfolk and is scheduled to start tonight.  They moved him but took a player in return so it's not clear who the odd man out on the roster is.  A right handed releiver was not exactly on the top of the Mets wish list, especially with how well the Mets right handed bullpen arms have pitched and how poorly the two-headed-southpaw monster has thrown.  Alternatively, another trade that opens up a roster spot might be imminent as well. 

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