Monday, July 05, 2004

Bring on the Phillies 

Sweeping the Yankees was sweet and it was especially gratifying these days where the NY and national media make a hobby out of kissing the Yankees' pinstriped ass. However, the Mets can't make the same mistake made by this weekend's sweeepees. The Yankees finished an emotional sweep of the Redsox last week then rolled into the weekend series against the Mets on a high and were quickly shot down by our boys in blue and orange. Similarly, the Mets just finished off an emotional sweep of the Yankees and now have to square off in a four game series against the Phillies. The Mets can't let their guard down or they risk having done to them what they dished out this weekend.

Every so often, before a series begins, I'll skim through some of the opposing team's blogs or message boards to see what, if anything, opposing teams fans think of their teams chances against the Mets. Usually what I find is a lot of "I hate the Mets," "the Mets suck" "Mets fans are fat ignorant selfish pig-faced slobs" etc... After taking 2 of 3 against the Reds and sweeping the Yankees to pull into second place and only 2 games out of first, however, I found something strange for the first time this season: respect. Here are a few excerpts from the Phillies message board:

Subject: Mets Scaring Me
The Mets are looking unstoppable. Did you see the hilights against the Yanks...They smoked the yanks...swept them three games straight. The Mets are the Phillies main threat. The Phils have no time to begin slumping. The Mets are on one of their irreverent "magic" rolls right now. Help, the Mets are scaring me...
Damn straight we smoked them Yankees and butter us up baby because you're right - we are indeed on one of our "magic rolls."
I agree 100%. Not only have the Mets killed the Phillies this year along with the rest of the NL East (except the Expos), but they are on a major hot streak right now and i think the Phils will have a very difficult task over the next four days and they will be lucky to win 2 of the 4.
The Phillies should consider themselves lucky if they escape the series with their lives!

Subject: Worried About the Mets
Is anyone else concerned about the up comming series with the mets? With the way this team has pitched you can't help but wonder what an average hitting team will do. I mean the Spos put up quite a few runs. With better pitching against the phils (Leiter, Glavine) can they win?? I sure hope so because the Mets fans are soooooooo annoying. What do you guys think?
Who you calling annoying!
A little bit concerned, I suppose. I do not think they have the bullpen to match ours (gulp). However, their starters have been great and a shudder to think what will happen if they land a fifth starter in a trade.....they have still struggled at tehj dish but the pick-up of Hidalgo has proven thus far to be a good one
Shudder shudder damn it shudder!
As far as their team is concerned, God help the NL east if they had a decent manager. Sound familiar????
True dat.

Back to the Yankee series, I just wanted to point to two pictures that embody why the Mets are a fun team to watch and why rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for Ivan Drago.
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