Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Yin and Yang 

Is it just me, or do sportscasters fall into one of two categories: ass kissers or pains in the asses? Two stories point this out today. First, the Daily News argues that Channel 11's Mets broadcasters Tom Seaver and Dave O'Brien are in the ass kissing camp (either voluntarily or because they are being censored):

Seaver and O'Brien talked about why Reyes shouldn't slide headfirst. They talked about the way he runs. They talked about how he hits. And yet, the topic of why Reyes, or when Reyes, should replace a human sieve like Kazuo Matsui was not even broached.
On the other side of the ass spectrum, you have Keith Hernandez who, in his new MSG column Connecting with Flushing's Faithful as well as in his television broadcasts, is the consumate pain in the ass. In his latest column, we get the following from Mex:
I don't know if Wally Backman has the potential to be a major league manager.
And Hernandez seizes the opportunity to take yet another not so subtle dig at Mike Piazza:
I am very disappointed we don't have Alex Rodriguez or Pudge Rodriguez. Pudge would have been a great addition. (Mike) Piazza could have gone to first on a regular basis and take your chances. The Mets need someone with enthusiasm and leadership. Pudge has all those qualities. He proved it last year with the Marlins and look what he is doing with a mediocre Tigers club this year. You cannot measure that.
Whether you agree with Hernandez or not, I'd take someone who's not afraid to voice his opinions any day over those that sit back and allow themselves to become an extension of the team's PR department.
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