Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Welcome to the Party Pal(s)!!! 

Eighteen fresh faced kids joined the Mets organization yesterday through the amateur draft. There's plenty of good coverage out there commenting on these players' abilities, potential etc... but, since the most I've seen of these kids has been a few seconds of streaming video, let's tackle something infinitely more important: their first Met nick-names. Get ready, they're pretty lame.

1. Philip Humber RHP - Rice
---Phil the Thrill

2. Matt Durkin RHP - San Jose State
---Matt Durkin Donuts

3. Gabriel Hernandez RHP - Belen Jesuit HS, Fla
---Able Gable

4. Aaron Hathaway C - U. of Washington
---Aaron Hack-away

5. Nicholas Evans 3B - St. Mary's HS, Az
---St. Nick

6. Ryan Coultas SS - UC Davis
---Ryan's Hope

7. Scott Hyde RHP - George Fox University
---Scott Jekyle & Hyde

8. Neil Jamison RHP - Long Beach State U.
---Neil Down Before Jamison!

9. Christopher Carp 1B - Lakewood HS, Cal.
---Chris Carpal Home Run Syndrome

10. Brahiam Maldonado RF - St. Francis School, PR
---Brahiamian Rhapsody

11. Joshua Wyrick LF - Porterville College

12. Jeffrey Landing RHP - Virginia Tech. University
---Jeff Fastball Landing in your ear if you don't back off the plate bitch!

13. Martinez Allen LF - Dunnellon HS, Fla
---Don't call me Pedro Martinez Allen

14. Bradley Meyers RHP - Servite HS, CA
---Brad "I aint no fad" Meyers

15. William Psomas SS - West Virginia University
---Bill Psoma-jammy-jam

16. Parris Austin CF - Douglas County HS, GA
---I see Parris, I see France, I see Austin's . . . this nick-name is going no where quick

17. Joseph Williams LHP - St. Xavier U.

18. Kyle Brown CF - LeMoyne College
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