Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Trolling the Net 

Some good stuff out there today.

Avkash from The Raindrops gets his roster analysis on.

Peter Gammons mentions David Wright:
Teams like the A's, Dodgers and others like to look at prospects in terms of their pure hitting skills, judged by more extra-base hits and walks than strikeouts.

There aren't many prime prospects who have those types of numbers. In fact, there are only two:

(The statistics for the following players reflect in order; extra-base hits, walks and strikeouts.)

Casey Kotchman, 1B, Angels, Double-A and Triple-A: 18, 13, 12
Jeff Salazar, OF, Rockies, Class A: 35, 32, 16

A few who are close:
Jason Kubel, OF, Twins, Double-A and Triple-A: 28, 24, 26
Dan Johnson, 1B, A's, Triple-A: 31, 45, 33
David Wright, 3B, Mets, Double-A and Triple-A: 42, 41, 46
Russ Adams, SS, Blue Jays, Triple-A: 26, 33, 28
Daric Barton, C, Cardinals, Class A: 14, 25, 17
Conor Jackson, OF, Diamondbacks, Class A: 31, 44, 34
Andy LaRoche, SS, Dodgers, Class A: 33, 29, 30
Alex Belth from Bronx Banter is less than pumped about the Mets-Yankees series. I can't say I disagree.

The Baseball Crank brings up a good point. Along with the career low ERAs many Met pitchers are putting up, they are also on pace for career highs in innings pitched.

The Hardball Times is giving Yusmerio Petit some love.

Matt from Gogs is the GGoGs directs us to some Hardball Times numbers that support his premise that the other goggs is one of the unluckiest hitters in the NL so far this year. This may be so, but he's still the most trendy.

The New York Times has a great story on the steps Mike Cameron and Cliff Floyd took to get Jose Reyes back to the team. It's a feel good story but I was left somewhat surprised at how it hinted that Reyes' absence from the team was as much as, if not more so, due to a lack of motivation than health issues.
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