Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Silence is Deafening 

I told myself, and you, that I was going to wait and reserve judgment on Kaz Matsui until after the All Star break. If, after the break, Matsui has not shown marked improvement the all out blog blitz will commence. Matsui should not be the target of fans' rage however, or at least not the primary target, but the boos should be aimed at the organization that either a) put marketing concerns over wins and losses when they signed Matsui and uprooted Jose Reyes and/or b) severely misjudged his talent. So I will not comment on how Matsui almost single handedly cost the Mets the game last night with a bone headed base running blunder and by striking out in the ninth inning with one out and a runner on third base by flailing at a pitch so low Matsui, only 5'8, needed to get down on his knees to swing at. There's no need to trash Matsui for another reason: there are a few other people who can be blamed for letting this very winnable game slip away.
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