Saturday, June 19, 2004

Reyes to Return Tonight? 

NYFS, The New York Post and the B-Mets website are reporting that Jose Reyes will be making his 2004 New York Mets debut tonight . . . . . . . . . . Oh, sorry for the delay, I just jumped up on my desk and did the cabbage patch dance followed by the running man while singing, "Go Jose, go Jose, go go go Jose." Reyes versus the Tigers - that sounds gggrrrrreeeat to me. The news of Reyes' return tonight brings up the question of whether Reyes should be playing shortstop and not Kazuo Matsui. That horse has been beaten to a bloody pulp but another question that warrants some bandwidth regarding how the two switch hitting speedy infielders should be coupled is whether Art Howe should pencil Reyes in the lead off spot with Matsui in the 2 hole or vice-versa? Both prefer the 2 hole and the numbers reflect this:

Reyes leading off: .300 .333 .460
Reyes in the 2 hole: .362 .400 .475

Matsui leading off: .238 .315 .376
Matsui in the 2 hole: .327 .411 .449

I tend to think the Mets should stop bending over backwards to accommodate Matsui at the expense of Reyes. In other words, if Reyes feels more comfortable in the 2 hole, then put him there.
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