Thursday, June 10, 2004

Mets Open To Dealing in Wright Trade 

The latest from Jason Stark:
Meanwhile, clubs that have spoken with the Mets say they haven't completely ruled out trading their best prospect, third baseman David Wright, in a huge deal. But to do it, they either would need to get a third baseman back or obtain one in a separate trade.
I'm speechless. The organization's best prospect for a 1/2 year rental, huh? Was former Mets GM Steve "Sell the Farm" Phillips re-hired and I didn't notice? The same article quotes a Baseball Prospectus study regarding Mike Cameron:
The brilliant number-crunchers at Baseball Prospectus just broke down the rate of extra-base hits that are falling in Seattle, since Cameron departed, and in Queens, since Cameron arrived. And this can't be a coincidence: Projected doubles and triples against the Mets this year: 267 -- or 81 fewer than last year. Projected doubles and triples against the Mariners this year: 390 -- up 156 from last year.
I'm speechless again, but this time for a good reason.
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