Saturday, June 26, 2004

Kings for a Day 

The Mets beat up on the Yankees 9 to 3 in the Bronx this afternoon. This Met team is like the mob - just when I think they're done . . . they pull me back in.

A few days ago Jeremy announced his "All Man Crush Team." I think it's fairly clear who Tim McCarver's All Man Crush Team consists of:

C Derek Jeter
1B Derek Jeter
2B Derek Jeter
SS Derek Jeter
3B Derek Jeter
RF Derek Jeter
CF Derek Jeter
LF Derek Jeter
SP Derek Jeter
RP Derek Jeter

By the way, did anyone notice that it was Derek Jeter's birthday? I particularly enjoyed Joe Buck's Marilyn Monroe'esque rendition of the Happy Birthday song to Derek. Very sweet.

Earlier today I posted a NY Times article that nearly sent me into a violent rage. I did not have the time, patience or steady enough hand to comment on it but others did.

Kaley from Flushing Local, in her usual eloquent prose, did a fine job revealing Rhoden's idiocy. My favorite line from Kaley's piece: "I grew up in Indianapolis, so I know from bland. Salt Lake is so Wonder Bread it makes Indianapolis look like pumpernickel."

Steve from The Eddie Kranepool Society was about as patient as I was with this garbage: "Mr. Rhoden, how are you feeling after your lobotomy?"

And finally, a Shea Hot Corner reader going by the name of "Annonymous" commented and had this to say:
The New York Times sports page has to leave the metropolitan area. Putting together quality reporting on sports is a matter of winning and losing, and the New York Times has lost to the New York Post, the Daily News, Newsday and that four page paper they hand out for free at subway stations.

I am tired of being insulted because I root for a team that has won more titles since 1969 than the Rangers, Jets and Nets, and has won as many titles as the Knicks and Giants. Any company that thinks it's a good idea to insult its customers does not deserve their business.

The Times should stick to making up quotes from Jessica Lynch's family and telling us about all the weapons of mass destruction Iraq has, and should leave sports reporting to people of at least moderate skill.

Over the last twenty years, the Mets have placed no lower than 3rd in 14 out of the 20 years, and no lower than 2nd in 11 of the 20 years, with four playoff appearances, and two world series appearances including one championship. That is making the playoffs 20% of the time in the last 20 years for those keeping score at home. I find it idiotic that people harp on the two last place finishes over the last two years and call the entire Met franchise a failure based on that. Shit, just back in 1999 and 2000 they were playoff teams and just missed making the playoffs in 2001 by a few Benitez meltdowns. Not many topics gets me mad, but this is one of them. Believe it or not, the Mets are reasonably successful franchise with a really bright future.
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