Friday, June 18, 2004

The Duke Pulls the Trigger 

Damn, you turn your back for a day or two and all-Mets-blogging hell brakes loose. There's not much to say that has not already been said, other than to give the David Weathers/Jeremy Griffiths for Richard Hidalgo trade my blessing. Do I think Richard Hidalgo will pull a Mets jersey over his head and proceed to smack 44 HR with a 1.028 OPS like he did in 2000? No. Do I think Hidalgo is infinitely more interesting with monumentally more upside than the piss platoon? Hell yeah. Duquette was walking a fine line of wanting to keep things interesting this year, especially in light of the close division, but at the same time not mortgaging the future. This trade does that perfectly since Weathers was not in the Mets long term plans and Griffiths barely qualified as a "prospect". Call me nuts, but let's say, for arguments sake, that Hidalgo does not break out of his funk for the rest of the season. I'd still endorse this deal for the simple reason that he can't be any worse than Karim Garcia and sending Weathers packing forces Art Howe to rely more on younger bullpen arms like Orber Moreno.

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