Monday, June 07, 2004

Draft Update 

With the number 3 pick in the draft, the Mets selected Rice right handed starting pitcher Philip Humber. NYFS has a good write-up on Humber and links to an interview. Here's a quit snippet of their description:
Considered the most seasoned, experienced and major league ready amongst the Rice Big 3, as he is the only one who was in the starting weekend rotation (and pitched regularly) his Freshman season...and the only one drafted out of high school. Added 3 - 4 MPH to his heater this season, having it clocked as high as 96 MPH, though he throws mostly in the low 90's...but he's got the #1 rated breaking ball in the college ranks, and has outstanding control and poise for a 21 year old.
Edit: MLB.com has a story up regarding the Mets "surprise" pick. A quick and dirty:
Sure, there was some speculation that Long Beach State's Jered Weaver might be a target or even Florida State shortstop Stephen Drew. But when it came time to make the third overall selection in the draft, New York opted for the safe bet and went with the ace from Rice University. It was the Mets' highest selection since choosing Paul Wilson with the top overall pick in 1994.
Great, they had to mention Paul Wilson right!

Edit 2: With their second round pick, the Mets select right handed pitcher Matthew Durkin out of San Jose State. Again, NYFS has us covered:
Durkin is a 6'5" 240lb work horse, with a 91-93 sinking fastball with good movement. He is 21 years old and was a San Francisco Giants fan as a kid.
Edit #3: With their third pick, the Mets go the high school route (hey, if there's grass on the field, play ball) with their third right handed pitcher Gabriel Hernandez out of Belen Jesuit High School in Miami, Florida. NYFS has this to say:
He throws a 92 mph fastball and has a sharp curveball with an 11-to-5 break that he can already throw consistently for strikes. He has a live arm, a deceptive change, and effortless delivery according to reports.
With three hard throwing righties, it seems as if Art Howe and, more importantly, Rick Peterson might have had some input into this draft, as both have spoken of their preference for pitchers with a little giddy up.

Edit #4: The United States Justice Department has just filed a complaint against the New York Mets Major League baseball club alleging antitrust violations in their attempt to corner the market on hard throwing right handed pitchers. News at 11 . . . .

Edit #5: Head on over to the weblurbs section ("Vital Signs") over at NYFS for coverage of the remainder of today's draft.
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