Thursday, June 10, 2004

Catch the Energy 

Jim Duquette's plan this off-season was to get younger and to improve the defense in hopes of playing "meaningful games in September." Let's take a second to break that down into its component parts:


With the demotion of 23 year old Danny Garcia and the promotion of 38 year old Gerald Williams, the Mets are now the oldest team in the NL and the second oldest team in the Major Leagues.

Improved Defense

The Mets have the second most errors in the NL, are last in the NL in fielding percentage, and are in the bottom half in both Zone Rating and Range Factor.

"Meaningful Games"

The Mets, currently 28 and 30, are only 2 "meaningful" wins ahead of last year's pace.

Yeah, riiiiight, this team is only one big stick away from the promised land so it makes sense to trade away its top, young talent.
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