Thursday, May 06, 2004

Stream of conscience 

Just want to check in and brain vomit onto the blog.

Congratulations to Mike Piazza for passing Carlton Fisk on the all time HR list for catchers. There's a reason why there are no catchers on the overall top 50 HR list - it's hard as hell to be a MLB catcher and still be an offensive force in the batter's box. This is truly an impressive record and I'm glad I have been able to watch Piazza chip away and finally brake it as a Met. I don't know what's more impressive, Mike's earlier MVP caliber seasons (Mike was robbed of the MVP in '97), or the fact that he's now 35 years old and his "poor" seasons are still better than career years for other current "elite" catchers.

Please please please someone tell me you saw Shane Spencer last night dancing in the dug out and high fiving Mike Cameron after Cameron scored the go ahead run in the 2nd inning. Thank God I have Tivo and was able to rewind and watch it again and again. He looked like the guys from A Night at the Roxbury. I thought I would need oxygen I was laughing so hard. Right up there on the funny scale was when Edgardo Alfonzo fouled a ball off that went up into the broadcast booth, hit Keith Hernandez in the ribs, knocking him off his chair and onto the floor. All you heard was, "BANG," "Grumble, grumble" "scratch" "inaudible" and Fran Healy - "are you okay Keith?" Thankfully the camera guys were on their toes and panned into the booth and all you could see was Healy looking down on the floor and Hernandez was no where to be found. I almost died laughing. And to cap it all off, the Mets won, making it three in a row and moving within 4 games of the first place Fish.

So Grant Roberts got his walking papers. That's too bad. And Ricky Botallico has been brought up. Good for him. With the team only 4 games out of first place, the Mets would be cheating themselves and the fans by treating the team as an AAAA club by trying to have Roberts work out his kinks on the big stage or by replacing him with a kid they are not entirely comfortable with. It's a shame he's out of options but oh well, it was up to him to put up or shut up. And he shut up. Botallico is 33 years old but pitched lights out in the spring, pitched well in Norfolk, and can help the team now. I'm not ready to give up on the team this early in the season, the players certainly don't seem ready to give up, so it's nice to see the Mets brass hasn't given up either.
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