Saturday, May 15, 2004

Saturday Ramblings 

It's been a few days since my last entry. Between final exams, the obligatory bender after the last final exam I'll ever have to take for law school (provided I passed), planning for the crazy family to come into town for graduation and the fact that my computer is fried (a new Dell is currently en route), posting has been hard. I can't link to anything since opening a new browser prompts the chipmunks that power my five year old Gateway to yelp and stop working, so here's a quick stream of conscious about the Mets.

Have ace, will beat. Is this the Mets new motto after beating Branden Webb, Randy Johnson and Roy Oswalt on consecutive nights? Bring on Andy Pettitte, that overrated scrub, and Roger Clemens that fat piece of garbage. The last win has the Mets in third place only 3.5 games out of first place.

The Mets need to show the same cajones they used in dropping Ricky Gutierrez and demand that Kazuo Matsui and his noodle arm move to second base when Jose Reyes returns. I did not like the decision to move Reyes over to second base when Matsui was first acquired but I kept an open mind. That open mind is closing with each game I have to watch that annoying, weak side-armed throw Matsui makes to first. The Mets seem open to optimizing their offense in bringing Mike Piazza out from behind the dish and rotating several players at first base, so why wouldn't they want to optimize their defensive effectiveness as well? The defense is optimized with Reyes at shortstop and Matsui and second. Make it happen.

The Mets are toying around with the idea of sending Tyler Yates back to the bullpen. So, a full year of effective starting work with an 8.5 K/9 IP, a dominating spring training against a mix of minor and major league hitters, and 6 major league starts with ups and downs, and Yates is staring at the possibility of ending up back in the pen? Yates' surgically repaired arm had this to say, "Quit messing with me!!!"

As the Mets hover just under .500, like they have most of the season, and with no one in the NL East running away with the division, it's becoming clear the team is just one or two players away from getting out of the red and into the black and maybe even making things interesting in the NL East. Cliff Floyd is one of those players and thankfully he's back. Jose Reyes is the second but who knows when he'll be playing again. The Mets can make a trade to acquire a player to push them over the hump. However, making a trade for an impact player would compromise the future of the team to make a run this year - but let's be realistic - this is not our year. One thing the Mets can do that will provide a spark now while at the same time will not compromise the future is to bring up David Wright. I was hesitant to endorse such a move early on in the season when Wright had only some 50 AA at bats. Now, with over 120 at bats under his belt, it's getting harder and harder to ignore Wright who is now hitting at a .346/.459/.615 clip with 7 HRs and 14 SBs.
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