Saturday, May 01, 2004

Neyer is Full of It 

ESPN's Buster Olney wrote an article shortly after the World Series introducing the world to the "productive out." His latest article featuring the new "stat" POP, or Productive Out Percentage, has got the stat geek's panties all up in a bunch. And justifiably so. The concept seems to be gaining quick acceptance, as Peter Gammons has spouted off about it on Baseball Tonight and John Kruk, after failing to find his neck, said that he thinks Juan Pierre is more valuable than Barry Bonds! The concept is complete BS. But what I find even higher on the BS scale is that Rob Never has not come out and publicly bitch slapped Olney, Elias and anyone else associated with POP. In Neyer's most recent ESPN on-line chat, someone wrote in a question that was the perfect softball to blast this "stat" into McCovey Cove. Instead, Neyer said "I don't know enough about Buster's Productive Outs statistic to make an educated comment." Oh, c'mon! Olney starts treading on Neyer's stat turf at ESPN, which whips the sabermetric community into a frenzy, and Neyer, ESPN's resident stat geek, doesn't know enough about it to comment? Neyer continued, "But I'm getting a lot of e-mail on the subject, and I hope I'm given a chance to write something in the next couple of weeks. Intellectual freedom rocks, man!" Yeah, it rocks when you exercise it. If Neyer doesn't come out with an article that crucifies this BS "stat" I'll lose a lot of respect for him and ESPN.
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