Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Message from Jeff Pearlman 

Hi all. I'm swamped in final exams hell right now but I just wanted to pass along a message from Jeff Pearlman. Oh, I also just wanted to say, regarding James Baldwin, I told ya so!! Nanny nanny poo poo!!

Mets Fans:

It's me - Jeff Pearlman, author of "The Bad Guys Won" about the '86 Mets.
Have a favor. Book has been out for two weeks (good reviews and good
sales, I might add) and I have a favor. For anyone reading it and/or
anyone who has read it or plans on reading it, I'd love to be made
aware of any factual screw-ups found. Three relatively small ones have
been brought to my attention thus far. It's very important, because
things can be altered in the paperback.

Anyhow, I can be e-mailed at sedrictony@yahoo.com. Help, as always,
hugely appreciated. Also dig good/big feedback.


Jeff Pearlman

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