Sunday, May 02, 2004

Hammygate, Vogue-Rod, and VORP 

Saving the Pitcher author and Baseball Prospectus writer/radio talk show host Will Caroll stopped by The Shea Hot Corner yesterday and weighed in on Hammygate. Will must have stumbled onto my site when he Googled "hysterical Met fan talking out of his butt about sports medicine" and my site was the first result. It's nice to hear from someone who actually knows what the hell he's talking about. You can link directly to the comments here.

In a follow-up to a previous Shea Hot Corner article, Yankees to Feature Most Devastating Line-up of Metrosexuals in MLB History, the Smokin' Hot Corner brought to my attention (I swear) that Alex Rodriguez and his wife Cynthia are featured in the current edition of Vogue. Vogue-Rod is pictured "in Robert Talbott shirt and Giorgio Armani pants." In the article we learn that Derek Jeter does not stand a chance of maintaining his title as the Yankees' Metrosexual Captain. "Alex truly loves fashion, and he truly has a knack for it," Cynthia says. Alex interrupts, "It sounds kind of weird . . . but I just really enjoy putting things together-fabrics, colors." Cynthia goes on to gush that Alex has taught her a thing or two about fashion.

He truly has educated me. . . He has widened my horizons when it comes to the different types of styles. He can walk into a store and pull ten things off the rack and I'll try them on and they'll look fabulous. He's really great with that.

Mm'kay, whatever floats your pickle Alex.

Baseball Prospectus has posted their 2004 VORP by team for position players. Below is a quick list of where our Mets rank and their VORP thus far.

1B: Jason Phillips 24/24 (-5.9). Ouch!
2B: Danny Garcia 22/30 (-0.6); Joe McEwing 28/30 (-2.5); Ricky Gutierrez 30/30 (-5.0). Yikes!
SS: Kazuo Matsui 5/26 (5.4). You go witcha bad self Kazuo (snap, snap, snap).
3B: Todd Zeile 9/24 (3.1); Ty Wigginton 22/24 (-3.1). If you scoffed at the Mets signing Zeile, take note.
C: Mike Piazza 5/33 (5.3); Vance Wilson 15/33 (0.2). Prediction: Mike finishes 1st by year's end.
CF: Mike Cameron 9/23 (5.5); Jeff Duncan 19/23 (-2.0). Not bad for a guy en route to K 598 times.
LF: Shane Spencer 8/26 (5.1); Cliff Floyd 14/23 (2.6); Eric Valent (0.7). Cliff who?
RF: Karim Garcia 9/28 (3.2). Vladamir who?

Not many surprises here. The production out of the first and second base spots has been downright awful. Jason Phillips has been virtually nonexistent and second base is a bottomless, unproductive pit of despair without Jose Reyes. Hopefully, now that it looks like Reyes is no where near returning, Danny Garcia can bring something to the table. PECOTA projects a 11.0 2004 VORP from Danny. It looks like Garcia will get a chance to play so we'll see. I'm not even going to tell you where a certain former Met farmhand ranks right now among AL second basemen. Todd Zeile has picked up the slack from the struggling and ulcer-ridden Ty Wigginton at the hot corner and the Pizza Platoon has produced beyond expectations. If the Mets can just get a little better than replacement level out of first and second base while the rest of the guys keep on keepin' on, the Mets offense would not be half bad.
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