Thursday, May 20, 2004

Dear Art Howe 

Art Howe
New York Mets Major League Baseball Club
Shea Stadium
123-01 Roosevelt Avenue
Flushing, NY 11368

Dear Mr. Howe,

I respect and appreciate the difficult job it must be to manage a Major League Baseball team. The difficulties must be exacerbated when managing in a city like New York where you are under a constant microscope. I do not envy you, with all the difficult tasks you are responsible for, like remembering all your players' names. If you can't remember your players' names, how can anyone expect you to make more substantive decisions, like when to take Mike Piazza out of a game when he is playing first base for defensive purposes. Since this is such a tricky issue and since it is clearly beyond you to make the call by yourself, I'm going to help you out. Simply put, always, and I repeat always, err on the side of leaving Piazza in the game. If the Mets are trailing late in a game, that's easy, leave him in. If the Mets are tied late in a game, that's easy too, leave him in. If the Mets are ahead by one run, leave him in. If the Mets are ahead two runs or more, then, and only then, can you take Piazza out of the game. If you have any trouble with these directions feel free to send me an e-mail during the game and I will tell you what to do.


Norm @ The Shea Hot Corner

PS: If Mike Cameron needs to spend some time on the DL due to the torn ligament in his hand, please take this person's advice and do not blindly insert Joe McEwing into the CF spot every day.
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