Monday, April 19, 2004

Week 2 Recap 

This team is going to be the death of me. After finishing week one at .500 with a three and three record, the Mets began a 10 game home stand by taking two of three against the Braves but then got swept in a three game set by the Pirates. The Pirates! So at the end of week two the Mets are two games under .500 at five and seven and in second to last place above only the two and 10 Expos.

Mets starting pitching continues to get the job done and have pitched much better than their 3.94 ERA would indicate (3.17 before Jae Weong Seo's abysmal start yesterday). The bullpen, on the other hand, has conspired with the Eli Lilly Company in an effort to increase sales of Prozac to Mets fans (6.70 ERA). With the exception of Braden Looper (2/3 in save opps with a 0 ERA), the rest of the Mets pen has been awful. The piss poor performances of this motley crew prompted Mets brass to sign recently released Ricky Botallico to a minor league deal as insurance. Apparently no other major league team took Botallico up on his offer to "provide replacement level relief pitching for food."

In other recent hot stove news. Wait, the season started. So what do you call trade rumors during the season? Air conditioning news (awful joke I know)? Anyway, there are some rumors circling that the Mets might be thinking about trading 3rd catcher Vance Wilson. If the rumor is true, the reasoning behind it would be that with Mike Piazza and Jason Phillips there is no need to carry a third catcher, especially when Joe McEwing and/or Todd Zeile might be able to catch in an emergency situation. If the Mets can get a decent player with more offensive pop than Wilson offers, it sounds like a good idea.

However, I'm not sure such drastic measures like the ones involving Wilson and Bottalico are needed. I was in the middle of writing this week 2 recap, trying to figure out what happened to the bullpen and where the Mets offense went when it dawned on me. I think I figured it all out! Luckily I Tivo'd all the games last week so I was able to go back and confirm what had struck me. And sure enough if you look really close you can see that many of the Mets players weren't really out there on the field! Several Met players got impostors to play for them last week! It's amazing how easily we're fooled. Hey, don't trust me, see for yourselves:

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