Thursday, April 08, 2004

This and That 

I'm going to take Avkash's advice and pretend last night's game never happened.

Head over to Amazinz.com to check out an interview with Mike Cameron. The interview links to Cameron's personal website, which I can't get enough of. In his latest journal entry we learn that,

Port St. Lucie is great for baseball and the new facility here is excellent, but there's not a lot to do away from the field. I've been hanging out with Cliff Floyd. Our exciting time is chilllin' at Chillies.

Speaking of interview, Jeremy Heit is going to conduct an interview with Jeff Pearlman. You may know Pearlman as the Sports Illustrated reporter who brought us the colorful John Rocker interview. He now writes for Newsday and is about to release a book called The Bad Guys Won, about the 1986 World Champion New York Mets. Jeff has set up a website to promote the book.

I noticed there are two new Mets blogs out there: Gogs is the Greek God of Geeks and The All-Star Mets Blog. Check em out.
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