Friday, April 16, 2004


This is going to be short and sweet (like me) as the bastards at work actually expect me to work today.

Jason Mastaitis is the new captain of the SS Always Amazin' Weblog at NJ.com. Check it out.

The Mets beat the Braves 4 to 0 last night to take the series 2 games to 3. Al Leiter, who has increased is consecutive scoreless streak to 10 and 1/3 innings (24 and 1/3 if we're counting last year), picked up his first win of the season. The Good Senator from Flushing was on a roll last night, getting on base twice; once via bases on balls and another by slapping a double into the gap. The way Leiter was hitting last night, I think I'd prefer to have him batting second than Ricky Guiterrez. The Mets square off against the Pirates in a three game series starting tonight. Tom Glavine (1.38 ERA) will be on the hunt for his third consecutive win and second at big Shea.

The Mets have hired John Ricco as their new assistant general manager. Ricco, who has worked in the commissioner's office for the past 12 years, is qualified I'm sure. However, I thought the Mets should have made a strong play for Kwame Jackson. Jackson, the runner up in NBC's hit reality series The Apprentice, would be a perfect fit in the Met organization. If it weren't for that evil Amarosa, Kwame would have beat out Bill easier than Tyler Yates beat out Jae Weong Seo.
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