Wednesday, April 28, 2004


With a 9 to 5 win, the Mets snapped their 3 game losing streak. In scoring 9 runs with 13 hits, the Mets also snapped an awful collective hitting slump they found themselves in. Mike Piazza snapped his 63 at bat HR drought when he hit his 351st HR as a catcher, tying Calrton Fisk for first place on the all time HR list for catchers. This HR was also Piazza's 362nd overall, which places him 58th on the overall all time HR list just passed Joe DiMaggio and right behind Raph Kiner who has 369. Jason Phillips snapped a personal 0 for 28 hitless streak when he hit an RBI single in the 9th inning. When Phillips got to first base he stared up at the sky for a good long while as if to thank God, or maybe he was just cleaning his goggles? Then he asked for the baseball as a memento. Lastly, Kazuo Matsui snapped his stolen base drought when he swiped second base, advanced on Paul Lo Duca's overthrow and then scored on a Mike Cameron single .

I watched the game on the MLB Extra Innings package so I picked up the LA feed and what a treat it was to listen to Vin Scully call a game. If you haven't heard Scully call a Dodgers game, it's something else. Really. It's just him. Alone in the booth. No "color commentator" or "analyst" in the form of some crusty old player to inject useless cliches every at bat. Scully has seen enough games that he doesn't need Joe Morgan to tell him when the hit and run should be on. It's all Scully all the time. It drove the Smokin' Hot Corner nuts and she could not watch the game but I thought it was pretty cool. Instead of a play-by-play guy and a commentator bickering all game or going off on tangents, it was just me and Scully, sitting back, relaxing and watching a game. Scully's best line of the game came when Todd Zeile homered: "ya know what they say, Nomo tried to throw a lamb chop passed a wolf." Anyway, below are some of the little facts Scully hit me with during the game.

Karim Garcia's dad played professional baseball in Mexico until he pissed on a taco stand. Okay, just kidding (about the pissing part). However, Karim did not start playing baseball until he was 12 years old and played golf instead. Shane Spencer's dad was a career Navy man who spent most of his time on submarines. Todd Zeile's nick name used to be "ziplock" because he was so quiet. Tom Glavine was a 4th round pick of the LA Kings NHL team and had a multi day try-out as a goalie for the New York Rangers. Ricky Gutierrez's 14 year old son outweighs him by 10 pounds. Mike Cameron was not allowed to play baseball in junior high because he failed chemistry. Mike Piazza might have grown a beard to protect his face from being irritated by his catcher's face mask. Jason Phillips dad told him, "Your worst day in baseball is better than my best day at work. Stick to it until they rip that shirt off your back." Playing for the UCLA Bruins, Eric Valent broke Troy Glause's Pac 10 HR record. In 1986 while pitching for the Reds, John Franco sustained a right ankle injury and taped it up. He pitched well and continues to tape up his right ankle before each game even though he has no injury. David Weathers got hit in the face with a line drive in high school that broke his nose, which explains a lot. Also while in high school, Weathers pitched a no hitter and hit a grand slam in the same game.
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