Saturday, April 24, 2004

Predictable Mets 

It's getting to a point where it's simply a waste of time to watch Mets games since the outcomes seem preordained where the Mets 1) get good starting pitching; 2) fail to support said solid starting pitching; 3) Art Howe makes bone headed managerial decision; and 4) finish up game with awful bullpen en route to loss.

Today the Mets send out Tyler Yates against Kerry Wood and the Cubbies in hopes of breaking this vicious cycle.

Since talking about the Mets Major League squad depresses me, let's turn our attention to some good news. David Wright is proving the jump from A ball to AA is no problem, for him at least. And yes, if you click on the Wright link you will see that I sponsored Wright's NYFS player profile page. So I have what Jeremy Heit calls a "man crush" on Wright. You wanna make something of it?!? Anyway, Wright is in the process making a strong case for an AAA call up by mid season and, depending on how that goes, possibly even a late season Major League call up. In AA Binghamton, Wright is hitting .364/.485/.727 with 3 HRs and 11 RBI in 55 ABs. The numbers place him 6th in the Eastern League in BA, 1st in OBP, 2nd in SLG, tied for 3rd in HRs, and tied for 1st in RBI. Wright is also leading the Eastern League with 40 total bases. Perhaps Ty Wigginton got wind of these numbers, which caused his ulcer? (I kid, get better soon Ty!). Maybe Wigginton is paying off Eastern League pitchers because, unfortunately, Wright is also leading the league in getting hit by pitches with 5. While it is undeniable that Wright is currently obliterating AA pitching, his 55 ABs is a small sample size. However, as Ed Tsunoda points out, over Wright's last 350 ABs against AA, AAA and Major League pitching from spring training, Wright has hit roughly .340/.430/.600. With the Major League club struggling, it's nice to see there's hope for the future.
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