Monday, April 05, 2004

Out of Touch 

Apparently the folks at school, work, and the Smokin' Hot Corner (my wife) have this crazy idea I have stuff to do other than blog. Things have been crazy so excuse the crappy blogging the last few days and the crappier blogging that will occur this week. I was up in the NY area this weekend looking for a place to live (look out NY I'm moving back soon!) and the Smokin' Hot Corner is getting upset with me because one of the (okay, THE), major criteria I'm using in deciding where to live is the house's/apartment's/cardboard box's proximity to Shea Stadium. The conversation usually proceeds something like this:

The Smokin' Hot Corner: This place is perfect. Look how cute. Oh my God. Could you just die! Look at the brand new kitchen! And the school are top notch!
The Hot Corner: Um, I guess so but we have no kids?
The Smokin' Hot Corner: Yeah but maybe one day we will. And besides, look at the size of the bedrooms. This place is just perfect! What a nice neighborhood. What's the matter you don't look that excited?
The Hot Corner: No, I am I guess, it's just that, well . . .
The Smokin' Hot Corner: What is it? You would rather live someplace with a shorter commute to work?
The Hot Corner: Um, okay . . .
The Smokin' Hot Corner: Well what is it, you would rather have a garage?
The Hot Corner: It's just that I liked that pace we looked at last week better.
The Smokin' Hot Corner: That place was a dump! The EPA was there de-molding the place when we pulled up! It had rats the size of small dogs! The roaches were as big as cats!
The Hot Corner: Yeah, but it was only a short walk to Shea damn it!
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