Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Off Day Ramblings 

Mets starters have only allowed one earned run in their last 24 innings pitched. Although Shea Hot Corner Axis of Evil Grand Wizard Bob Klapisch feels compelled to tell us that "Mets' starters aren't really as dominant as they've appeared."

The Phillies are 1 and 6.

Why doesn't Blogger have f'ing bullets!

Seven games into the season and the Mets are above .500 and in sole possession of second place.

As Vinny from YMtR pointed out yesterday (who was at the game pictured here), the Mets are stuck between a rock and a hard place with respect to Grant Roberts. Roberts is out of options so the Mets can't send him to Norfolk without risking losing him, and as Ian commented yesterday, "Not even getting him work in a blowout seems like a safe option right now." I'm at a loss. To me, the kid has two strikes against him so far this season. If he has another on the mound implosion making it three strikes, I say we option him down to AAA and take our chances on losing him. The Mets can't afford to take up a precious roster spot with someone who can't get the job done.

Joe McEwing's at bat yesterday was awesome. Bobby Cox showed Joe no respect in walking Ty Wigginton to load the bases for McEwing. McEwing proceeds to work a full count, foul a few pitches off, then after 8 pitches takes the RBI walk. You go Joe with yo bad self (snap, snap, snap).

Kazuo Matsui is tied for first place in the NL with 5 doubles, tied for first with Barry Bonds in walks with 8, tied for 5th in OBP, and 7th in number of pitches seen.

The Mets, as a team, are currently 5th in the NL in OBP, 4th in SLG, tied for 3rd in walks, 5th in runs scored, 4th in hits and tied for 3rd in doubles.

Contrary to what was originally believed, an MRI revealed that Cliff Floyd has a small tear in his right quadriceps. This is Floyd's seventh stint on the DL in his career. Said Floyd, "I think the 15 days will do a lot for me. So hopefully I'll be out there two weeks from today."

The New York Daily News has nine stories on the Mets today. Nine! The Yankees only have three. Hey, cut me some slack. As a Mets fan it's all about redefining victory.

Bobby Cox insinuated that the Mets battering of Mike Hampton in yesterday's home opener was a simple product of luck. "Out of those nine hits," Cox said, "seven of them were ground balls." Um, okay Bobby, and if your pitchers didn't have their own special strike zone for the last ten years instead of only one World Series ring you would have none.
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