Thursday, April 01, 2004

Mets Should Jump Into the Milton Bradley Game 

Milton Bradley is up to his old tricks. ESPN is reporting that the Indians will trade Bradley within 72 hours after he and Cleveland's Manager Eric Wedge had words when Bradley did not run out a pop fly in a pre season game. Bradley claims he was suffering from a tight groin. Jim Duquette should be on the horn with Mark Shapiro demanding that Shapiro repay the Mets for taking Roberto Alomar off their hands by trading the Mets Bradley in exchange for Scott Erickson. Bradley is young (will only turn 26 on the 18th), relatively inexpensive (signed to a one year deal at $1.73 million), and is a fine defensive outfielder who played CF last year but who could be switched to RF to replace the Piss Platoon. Young, athletic, and solid defensively. Hmmm, sounds like he would fit nicely into Duquette's plan. And the kid can hit too. Bradley, a switch hitter, hit at a .321/.421/.501 line last year before his season ended due to a back injury. While Fred Wilpon is leery of back injuries, unlike Vladimir Guerrero Bradley is already locked into a low risk, short term one year contract. Bradley is aggressive (73 Ks in 377 ABs) but took his share of walks as well (64). Bradley absolutely killed lefties last year hitting them at a .402 clip and held his own against righties as well with a .287 average. Bradley's attitude and behavior have been an issue in the past but with only a one year contract, the Mets can see if he can grow up a bit. A Bradleylicious Mets 1-3 in the order would look like this: 1) Reyes; 2) Matsui; and 3) Bradley. Three switch hitting, base stealing threats (Bradley swiped 17 bags last season) at the top of the order would drive opposing teams batty. If the Indians refuse to deal the Mets Bradley, then the Mets should demand Coco Crisp. Why? Because I like his name that's why.
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