Thursday, April 15, 2004

Mets Lose 6 to 1 

A few random thoughts on last night's game, which will also give me the opportunity to show off my new found ability to add bullet points (thanks Vinny and Matt).

  • I agree with Kaley from Flushing Local that the game should have been cancelled. Why in God's earth would you send out a rookie pitcher recovering from Tommy John surgery in a 45 degree monsoon? There's nothing to be gained by it. Not to mention that this frail team can't afford to have someone else go down.

  • Tyler Yates, while giving up 5 ERs in 2 and 2/3 IP, wasn't hit that hard. Who knows what happens if Mike Piazza doesn't commit his first inning error, which contributed to Yates suffering through a miserable 25 pitch, rain-soaked first inning and if Ty Wigginton didn't play like cinder blocks are cemented on his feet.

  • Mike Piazza should have caught the game. Like I said yesterday, Piazza handled Yates brilliantly in San Juan and neither Jason Phillips nor Vance Wilson have the knowledge and experience of Piazza with respect to Braves hitters. Phillips and Yates did not appear to be on the same page last night with Yates shaking off several signs and Phillips having to go out to the mound for a few chit chats. Two of the Atlanta RBI came on 1 and 2 counts. You would have to think there is no way Piazza calls a pitch even close to the strike zone in such a pitcher's count with runners in scoring position. But then again, it might have been pitch execution not the pitch that was called but I'm on a roll here. If Piazza can't catch due to his hyperextended elbow, then that's just all the more reason to call the game.

  • The best part of the game was when Yates was being pulled in the third inning and the camera focused in on Yates' dad in the stands who is in the middle of picking his nose and wiping it on his jacket like the old disgusting man from the movie The Golden Child. Nice.

  • Yates would of had to pitch another shutout to even get the win in this game as the Mets hitters took the night off.

  • Grant Roberts finally made it through an inning without giving up a run. However, it was an ugly inning where Roberts walked two and at one point threw 8 straight balls all while laboring to throw any harder than 87 MPH. I hate to say it Roberts fans (and I'm one of them) but it's looking more and more like this kid's days are numbered with the Mets.
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