Friday, April 02, 2004

Mets Interested In Bradley 

The New York Times, Newsday and Post are reporting that the Mets will at least explore a deal for Cleveland outfielder Milton Bradley. Whether you are scared off by Bradley's on and off the field behavior or not, you would have to agree that in light of the Mets right field situation it would be irresponsible for the team to not at least look into the asking price for a player of Bradley's caliber and still unrealized potential. While the Post states that "Mets GM Jim Duquette has not yet called the Tribe to ask about Bradley," the Times quotes Duquette as saying, "We're definitely considering him." Like I said yesterday, what Bradley brings to the table over a Garcia/Spencer platoon outweighs any problems with his character. The Mets are running a baseball team and the goal of baseball teams is to win games. They are not having a popularity contest. If Bradley's attitude is so bad that it interferes with the Mets goal to win games, then we can rest easy knowing he is only signed to a one year deal.
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