Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Klapisch Flip-Flopping 

Shea Hot Corner Axis of Evil member Bob Klapisch is up to his old tricks. During the offseason Klapisch apparently came down with a rare disorder where the only words that he could speak were variations on, "person(s) familiar with the Met's thinking" and "Alfonso Soriano." Persons familiar with Klapisch reported that this sometimes created awkward social moments:

Waiter at restaurant: What would you like to order sir?
Klapisch: Sources familiar with the Met's thinking believe I should order the steak.
Waiter: Huh?
Klapisch: You heard me, an unnamed source within the Met hierarchy told me I should order the Alfonso Soriano, and make it rare please.
Waiter (to hostess): Call 911, we got another loon.

Luckily for Klapisch, and unluckily for Met fans, the disorder usually revealed itself in his work. For example, on March 18th Klapisch wrote,

One person familiar with the club's thinking says the organization is nearly unanimous in endorsing a trade for the former Yankee [Soriano], but executives have been overruled by owner Fred Wilpon. . . Wilpon [is] unwilling[] to trade lefty prospect Scott Kazmir for Soriano . . . .

That's funny, because appearing in an interview with MSG on Monday, Klapisch basically said the exact opposite. According to Klapisch this week, everyone within the Met organization except for Fred Wilpon thought that there was no chance for the Mets to compete this year. In other words, according to Klapisch, Wilpon was the only one in the Met organization that thought the Mets stood a chance to make the playoffs this year. So Bob, riddle me this: if Wilpon thought the team was ready to compete this year and the rest of the organization was looking more realistically to 2006, how is it that the organization was "nearly unanimous in endorsing a trade" to send Scott Kazmir, the cornerstone to any hopes of the Mets competing in 2006, to Texas for a quick fix in Alfonso Soriano but had to be overruled by Wilpon, the only one who was ready to make a run of it this year? Doesn't make sense. Unless of course the "sources familiar with Met thinking" are those little voices in your head. Call 911 - we got another loon in here.
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