Saturday, April 24, 2004

Feeling "Comfortable" with Fran Healy  

Mets broadcaster and former MLB catcher Fran Healy will be providing his insight on MSG.com in a new section called "Going around the horn in Flushing." Healy, quite frankly, bugs me. But to be honest, after getting the MLB package and having a chance to hear other teams' broadcasters, relatively speaking Healy is not that bad. In fact, a lot of his sayings have gone from annoying to almost humorous. However, just because Healy is growing on me, like a fungus perhaps, that doesn't mean I can't have fun with his new MSG column where objective analysis is almost non existent but the usual cliches are plentiful. I'll leave the commentary to you all. Let me just provide a few quotes:

On Todd Zeile: "a true professional"; "a well-traveled veteran"; "He knows what it takes to win."

On Mike Piazza: "He's a true competitor"; "Piazza is obviously much more comfortable behind the plate than he is at first base."

On Ricky Gutierrez: "has looked pretty good"; "What he lacks in speed, he makes up in intelligence."

On Joe McEwing: "He can play a number of different positions and has been productive defensively at them all. A gritty hard-worker, the Mets are getting what they've expected from him in the early goings."

On Kazuo Matsui: "has a strong throwing arm."

On Ty Wigginton: "He's hitting bad luck right now and has just a .188 average."

On Karim Garcia: "He's the type of player anyone would love to have on their team, and it looks like he's found a permanent home here in Flushing."

On the starting pitching rotation: "Yes, they are a year older, but they're still as good or even better than before."
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