Friday, April 02, 2004

ESPN's Power Rankings: The Mets Get No Respect 

ESPN's Power Rankings are in and the Mets are listed 25th. And that's 25th BEHIND the Tigers. I realize that back-to-back 90+ loss, last place seasons doesn't do much in terms of getting any respect around the baseball world, but 25th behind the Tigers? This is a team featuring a 1-5 batting order of Kaz Matsui, Jose Reyes, Mike Piazza, Cliff Floyd and Mike Cameron. All of them All Stars or potential All Stars. I know the pitching has questions marks, but Tom Glavine, for all the heat he takes (by me included) won 18 games with a 2.96 ERA only two seasons ago. Al Leiter pitched as well as he ever has in the second half last season. Steve Trachsel is coming off a 16 win season pitching for a team that provided him no run support and was one of the worst teams defensively in baseball. Rounding out the 4 and 5 pitching spots will be any two of several solid young pitching options and maybe even Scott Erickson who has shown this spring that there's still some gas left in his tank. This is not a staff that will carry a team into the postseason . . . but 25th! Oh well. Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself but 25th seems a bit harsh. If they would of given the Mets 24th ahead of the Tigers then maybe I wouldn't be hyperventilating. It's probably for the best. I would rather have this team be undervalued and pleasantly surprise me than to have unreasonable expectations (again) and have the Mets drive another stake through my heart. But 25th!
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