Thursday, April 01, 2004

$50 a Month! 

A few days after Byan Hoch participated in Part I of my 2004 Mets Panel Discussion, I noticed that he had given up his post at NJ.com's Always Amazin' Weblog. At first I thought that I might have traumatized him into quitting the profession, but I was happy to see that he has taken advantage of a great opportunity to become the new editor of New York Mets Inside Pitch magazine, and will be posting regularly on www.insidepitchmagazine.com. So now NJ.com is in search of a new professional Mets blogger. That's right - they'll pay you to blog! Wow, that's great. They are hosting an American Idol type blogger competition. Cool huh. One catch. They're only paying $50 a month. No thanks. But then again, that's $50 more a month than my blogging currently makes me? I think I'd rather enjoy the freedom and autonomy of posting in my own little neck of the blogosphere where I can trash the Axis of Evil (Heyman, Sherman, Klapish) to my heart's content without anyone looking over my shoulder. After all, isn't that the best part about blogs? They're current, raw, unedited and unadulterated. Although I would assume that this might be a good opportunity for someone trying to get their name out there so if you think this is for you, good luck.
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