Monday, March 22, 2004

The World's Crappiest Blog Entry 

We should all fee bad for Roger Cedeno. Ty Wigginton works hard. The fifth starter spot is still up for grabs. Aaron Heilman gives up a lot of home runs. Tyler Yates throws hard and would be a nice change of pace in a Mets rotation full of pitchers who are lucky to brake 90 on the radar gun. Grant Roberts is a nice kid and would be a solid fifth starter too. Scott Erickson sucks. Mike Piazza is doing a good a job as can be expected at first base. Piazza is crushing the ball in spring training. Joel Sherman, John Heyman and Bob Klapish are still evil. Jose Reyes seems to be making quick progress. Or is he rushing, thus risking yet another leg injury. How many neswpapers can use the same headling "Reyes of hope"? The Hot Corner says make the kid sit his butt down for a week. Don Baylor is back and cancer free. Congrats to Don and best of wishes. Dodgers rookie pitchers Edwin Jackson beaned Jason Phillips in the dome yesterday. There should be a rule that when a rookie pitcher hits a batter in the head, he's forced back to A ball for one month. That's it. I'm out. I gots to pay da bills kid.
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