Monday, March 08, 2004

Vladimir Guerrero Goes Deep 

As reported by David over at Baseball Musings,

Vlad Guerrero and Jose Guillen just went back-to-back to give the Angels a 3-1 lead over the Mariners in the fifth. You could see on the replay of Vlad's HR that he got great extension on a low pitch, just a perfect swing. Afterward, they had a shot of Moreno on his cell phone with a big smile on his face.

In other news, Mets right fielders Karim Garcia and Shane Spencer were equally impressive in going back-to-back in kicking the hell out of Port St. Lucie pizzaboy Eric Vidal. Garcia got great extension on his shove while Spencer showed awesome plate coverage in dropping Vidal and landing a series of body blows with perfect swings. Mets GM Jim Duquette, like Moreno, could be seen on a cell phone (with the Mets legal team).
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