Saturday, March 27, 2004

Timo Time No More 

Mets deal Timo Perez to the White Sox in exchange for Matt Ginter, the last sub par right handed relief pitcher not already in the Met organization. I wont lose any sleep over Timo nor will I stay up all night giddy over Ginter. One question though; who is going to be the Mets backup center fielder? Shane Spencer has gotten into more physical altercations in Port St. Lucie parking lots with pizza deliver men than he's played CF (1 to 0 if you're scoring at home). Karim Garcia can't even cover enough ground to make it to an appropriate bathroom. Despite Joe McEwing's reputation as some kind of super utility man, he is not a viable option to back up CF. So that leaves . . . . Ugh, say it aint so Duke. Pray to God Mike Cameron never gets hurt and/or Duquette has another trick up his sleeve.
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