Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Rounding em up 

Joel Sherman continues to obsess about the Mets lack of interest in Soriano: "Being a Met in 2004 means playing for a team resistant to doing what is necessary to upgrade its lineup and image by getting Alfonso Soriano." Sherman displays great literary range with this Hemmingway-like sentence referring to the Yankees: "Why would you not want to go where the wins flow like Cristal?" Where did they find this guy?

Eric Vidal, the most famous pizza boy in America right now, has pressed formal charges with police against Spencer and Garcia and, in a shocking revelation, has hired an attorney to cash in, I mean seek civil damages.

On the field, Kazuo Matsui had his first at bats yesterday (0 for 2) while Grant Roberts and Steve Trachsel had solid outings.

Hot Corner Poll Update: Mr. Met is currently killing Mr. Lisa Guerrero 23 to 4. Ha ha ha ha ha!
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