Friday, March 05, 2004

Moneyball Bickering Continues 

Tracy Ringolsby's penis must be hooked up to a Viagra pumping IV because his hard on for A's GM Billy Bean is stiffer than ever. In his column last year Ringolsby said "Oakland general manager Billy Beane's ego has exploded, and author Michael Lewis has a limited knowledge of baseball and a total infatuation with Beane." Ringolsby is obviously talking about Michael Lewis' book Moneyball. Perhaps prompted by Lewis' recent bitch slapping of him in the latest edition of Sports Illustrated (which I don't think is availabe at si.com), Ringolsby attempts to rekindle this old flame:

Beane pointed out he did not have editorial approval of the book and would not receive any money from its sales. He also said the author's view of the A's approach was surface-level, at best, and did a disservice by oversimplifying the A's way.

Ringolsby does a little research and quotes from what he calls "The company that markets Beane for motivational speaking appearances."

Billy Beane is the general manager of Major League Baseball's small-market Oakland A's," the marketing Web site proclaims. "For the past three years, Beane has been taking on the big boys in baseball, winning more often than not and making fools out of the owners who insist that baseball's economics are out of whack. Beane has figured out how to succeed with a limited ($40 million) payroll, and his methods are driving a lot of old baseball hardheads crazy. He's doing it with computers and statistics wielded by a bunch of college boys who never played baseball.

Ringolsby concludes, "Funny, but while Beane tries to distance himself from the book's concept in baseball circles, he seems to be a willing accomplice when he believes it can benefit him." What's funnier is that here it is about a year after the release of Moneyball and the alleged explosion of Beane's ego, and Ringolsby is still writing about him. So whose more infatuated with Beane; Lewis or Ringolsby?
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