Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Merry Opening Day 

Part II of the 2004 Mets Panel Discussion should be posted tomorrow. I started piecing it together last night and had a better chance to go through some of the answers and they are funny, interesting and insightful. Be sure to check back.


Only the Mets can turn a Japanese iron man who played in 1,143 consecutive games into a glass shortstop. First Kazuo Matsui cut his finger, which put him on the shelf for a week and now he has a strained right wrist, which will put him out of action for a few more days. Matsui's injury is just the latest in a series of bad news and equally poor defensive play. The Mets went into yesterday's game tied for last in the National League with 35 errors this spring. The shoddy defense prompted the usually calm and reserved Art Howe to order the team to do fundamentals drills, focusing on fielding bunts and hitting the cut off man. If this doesn't work, the Hot Corner proposes Uncle Artie send any player who commits an error to the practice field where they will run a 1/2 hour of wind sprints per error under the watchful eye of the Godfather of Infield Matt Galante.

Former player, now a sports radio talk show host, Andy Van Big Mouth said on the air recently that Tom Glavine does not like to be caught by Mike Piazza because of his poor defense. Apparently Van Slyke spoke in such a way that made the average listener think that Glavine told him as much. However, Van Slyke was simply speculating that Glavine must not like pitching to Piazza and had to admit this to clear up the confusion. I bring this up because last week during an MLB Radio broadcast of a Mets game former Met Darryl Hamilton was announcing the game along with Jim Leyritz and some play-by-play guy Seth something or other. I was already annoyed because I'm at work trying to do a million things at once while at the same time listen to the game, but these jokers are too busy shooting the shit about everything on earth other than the damn game! Then out of no where Hamilton decided to finally talk about the Mets and issued a blanket statement that all Mets pitchers do not like pitching to Mike Piazza because of his poor defense. I was stunned. I knew that if any Mets pitcher really felt this way there's no chance in hell they are going to tell Hamilton, yet Hamilton is on the air talking as if every Mets pitcher told him this. So now I'm pissed. First, I have been listening to this game for ten minutes and I still don't know who is pitching for either team and now when they finally address the Mets, it's pure BS. These MLB Radio clowns are taking e-mails so I shoot off the following question, trying as hard as I can to be civil:

Hamilton just said that Mets pitchers prefer to pitch to Vance Wilson over Piazza because of Piazza's perceived poor defense. Was this statement based on what any/all Mets pitchers actually told him or was this his opinion speculating on what Mets pitchers prefer?

-Norm at The Shea Hot Corner (http://sheahotcorner.blogspot.com)

They actually read my question on the air (leaving out my blatant attempt to plug my little blog of course). Hamilton, as articulate as ever, is like "uh, um, well, gee, uh, I was just speculating."

What an idiot. No, let me qualify that. What an irresponsible idiot.
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