Friday, March 05, 2004

Kazmir's Poor Make Up is Made Up 

In the last few weeks several reports have surfaced questioning the make up, whatever that is, of Mets phenom pitching prospect Scott Kazmir. The NY Post's Joel Sherman (of Hey, Mets: Chase Sori! fame), quoted an unnamed "executive from another team" when he said that Kazmir has a questionable makeup. More recently, David Waldstein of the Star Ledger cited the always reliable "feeling in the Mets organization" when he questioned Kazmir's make up in saying he "is a bit of a free talker and a renegade." According to Waldstein, Kazmir's make up is such a negative that the Mets would be more inclined to trade him because of it. And today, Kazmir's make up is put under the microscope again in three articles drawing comparisons to and saying that Kazmir is in need of advise from Generation K bust Jason Isringhausen. (MLB.com, Newsday and the Star Ledger). Newsday's David Lennon took the opportunity to portray Kazmir as some kind of raging party animal when he insists that "Mets officials fear he [Kazmir] already could be developing a taste for the nightlife."

The questions swirling around Kazmir's make up appear to be completely unfounded. While the Mets contribution to Izzy's physical problems have merit, as Mets brass even admit, comparing Kazmir to Isringhausen's mental predisposition to succumb to the pressures of playing in the Major Leagues is unfair. The MLB.com, Newsday and Star Ledger articles are kind enough to point out some of Isringhausen's off the field exploits, which range from the unlucky (stabbing himself in the leg with a knife trying to open a package), the sad (contracting tuberculosis), the stupid (falling three stories off an apartment building onto his head while drunk), the dumb (breaking his wrist punching a garbage can), to the funny (being chastised by the Mets for playing softball for a local strip joint in Port St. Lucie). What's Kazmir guilty of so far? Where is all this speculation coming from? What has this free talking, renegade said that has spurred countless articles calling his mental well being into question? I'll tell you: he made the mistake of saying that he's starting to fall in love with New York.
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