Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I'm in a Crappy Mood Today 

Yeah yeah yeah I know I'm usually so chipper.

Pedro Martinez had some choice words about Karim Garcia in ESPN's Sunday Night Conversation. Speaking about himself in the third person in such a way that would make Bob Dole proud, Pedro said, among other things, "Who are you? Who are you, Karim Garcia, to try to tell Pedro Martinez, a proven player for 10 years?" First of all, the only thing Pedro has proven is that he can't win the big game. Beat the Yankees and then talk smack. Pedro got off the hook big time last year as Grady Little became the goat of the ALCS. But Little didn't serve up the pitch that sent the Sox packing. So Pedro, take some of that Soul Glow you're sporting lately, pour it into a glass, add some Jack Daniel's, shake, swig it down, and for Christ's sake, shut the F up! Garcia, as usual, just couldn't hold it in. Instead of pissing on the side of Pedro's house, Garcia responded, "He's already thinking about me and I don't play in the American League anymore. . . He should be thinking about it. He lost two games [referring to Pedro's two ALCS losses]." Word to the wise piss boy, you are already known as a thug. Let Pedro keep flapping his pie hole and you keep your hole, all of them, shut. (source).

Jose Reyes, who pulled a hammy the other day in a pre season game, underwent an MRI yesterday to gauge the severity of the injury. The injury was Reyes' third hamstring injury in 10 months. Combine this injury with a quad ailment and a severely sprained ankle last year, and that's five leg injuries in about 15 months. This is all the more reason why signing Kazuo Matsui to play SS and displacing Reyes to second, where his legs are more of a target for baserunners, was short sighted, risky and flat out stupid. We have Matsui on a three year lease with an option to buy. He's 28. The Mets have a long term investment in 20 year old Reyes. To acquire Matsui, the Mets needed to assure him that he would be playing SS if he came to Shea. Fine. We assured him. He's here. But welcome to New York Kazuo, where bidness is bidness. The Mets should do the old bait and switch, or Flushing two-step, and renege on their promise to allow Matsui to play SS and move Reyes back to SS and put Matsui at second. Let's see if Matsui is a real team player. If Matsui doesn't like it, sianara sucka. Don't let the blue and orange door hit you in the ass on the way out. Done and done.

Reyes' injury, combined with Cliff Floyd's never ending problems, Mike Piazza's groin and leg, Mike Cameron's toe, Matsui's finger, the painful stupid looking grin cemented on Art Howe's face, and whatever else is going on at the MASH facility formerly known as Port St. Lucie, brings the Mets bench into the forefront. The 2004 Mets have a lot of "ifs." If all of these ifs turn out positively, the Mets just may be playing those coveted "meaningful games in September." However, this is a pretty flimsy house or cards Duquette and Co. have built. If one major player in the Mets deck goes down for any prolonged stretch of time, the Mets hopes of meaningful games in September collapses. Check out Jeremy's blog for a review of the Mets "craptastic" bench and how it could have been improved with a few seemingly easy moves.

The boo boo on Matsui's finger finally healed enough for him to play in the field. Matsui played four and a half innings, where he hit his first home run. The homer came from the left side and was an opposite field shot over the left field fence. Of the homer, Matsui said he did not know what type of pitch Dodger right hander Tanyon Sturtze served up. For Matsui to hit this bomb left handed, over the left field wall, I'd assume that it was not a fastball, not a curve ball, but most likely Sturtze's patented meat ball.
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